Grays Harbor

From stories of the first ships that sailed here to trivia about the trades that took place, history is a fine teller of tales. Not only does it intrigue us with the human’s quest of progress but plots out the journey of mankind. Keeping track of this history through artifacts is the role of museums. With the Grays Harbor area being discovered in the early 1800s, the entire stretch holds many stories. From the families that have lived here, to the trade that brought economic progress, the grand ships that sailed and how the region prepared during World War II, there are many tales. Bringing them all together under various museums has been taken up over time, and compiling this comprehensive list of the historical holders, has been the objective of this website. So here’s inviting you to a place where time transforms into space and history tells the stories of the past. Do browse through and discover the region through the lens of its past.