Museums of Gray's harbour

With travellers versant with the region since 1792, there is a rich history associated with the county. Over the years, many museums have come up in order to conserve the stories of the past. A trip to Grays Harbor is in fact incomplete, without a visit to its museums. A few of the museums that one must visit in the vicinity include Polson museum, North Beach museum, McCleary museum, and maritime museum at Westport. Here are some more interesting details.

Showcasing the rich history of the region, Aberdeen museum used to be home to fascinating memorabilia. However a huge fire in 2018, destroyed a large part of the collection. After that reclamation work has been going on, and all that could be salvaged from the fire has been shifted to a new location. Other additions to the collection have also been made.

museum of history
Aberdeen museum of history
 historical museum
Chehalis valley historical museum

Conserving the history of the Chehalis river valley region in the Eastern grey harbor area, this museum has been there since 1984. History indicates that the museum began when two men, Randy Bower and Mike Clark came up with the idea of creating a space that preserves the history of the region. The museum began operations in the same year in Elma Wa. In 1906 it shifted to the quaint Scandinavian Lutheran Church, where it continues to be located even today. Artifacts at the museum are reflective of its past and showcase trades and tools of the yesteryears. Farming and logging were prominent kinds of work, and other businesses and schools were part of the community too. With plenty of interesting artifacts, the museum also showcases the family histories of people who have been natives of the land.

Situated in Quinault, this museum and historical society preserves objects of the past. Its exhibits include glimpses into the lives and livelihoods of people in the past. With scenes depicted of daily life, basket weaving, logging, canoes and veterans displays are present as well. One can also see the preserved manuscripts from the past. Another museum with a similar name is the Quinault cultural centre and museum, which is located in Taholah, and is a fascinating place to visit as well.

Quinault Museum
Lake Quinault Museum
North Beach
Museum of North Beach

Located in Moclips, this museum has been ranked as one of the top attractions of the area. With artifacts, pictures and paintings that tell the story of people and life in the region, this place has various interesting things on display. The helpful and knowledgeable staff is also eager to share the many stories of the past.